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Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, & Visual Identity Services

"See the work we've done for other businesses like yours"

At I Am ART Agency, we understand that your brand is more than just your logo. It's the sum of all your interactions with your customers, and it needs to be carefully crafted to reflect your values and communicate your unique message. We offer a full suite of branding services, from graphic design and visual identity to brand strategy and content creation. We'll work with you to understand your business and your customers, and we'll help you create a brand that resonates with them and helps you stand out from the competition. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a stronger brand.


At I Am ART Agency, we specialize in crafting brand messaging and brand strategy services specifically tailored to the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health & wellness industries. Our brand strategy services are designed to help our clients stand out against the competition by creating compelling brand identities that capture the attention of potential customers. We also offer content creation services such as creative direction, styling, tradeshow displays/exhibit graphics, and brand identity design. Our aim is to empower our clients to become credible leaders in their field and increase brand recognition. With our knowledge and expertise, you can trust that your brand story will be told accurately and effectively. Contact Us Today if you're ready to amplify brand visibility!

Beauty, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, HEALTH AND WELLNESS Branding Services

I Am ART Agency is a branding agency that specializes in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and wellness industries. We are based in Decatur, GA, but our clients come from around the world. Our team of experts will help you build your brand by developing an identity that speaks to your target audience while creating content that tells your story in a unique and impactful way. We believe in the power of creative storytelling and strive to bring your vision to life through visuals, campaigns, and digital media. With our years of experience in the industry, we are confident that our services will help you succeed! Let us show you how I Am ART Agency can transform your business.

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Kitu Cream

Your Company's brand identity design services will provide brand messaging and strategy that resonates with your ideal customers. 

Brand Identity Design

Holding Sliced Lemon

Your Company's copywriting services will empower your brand by engaging customers with compelling, credible content that is unique, valuable and industry-specific.

Content Creation


Your Company Art Direction Services will create captivating visuals, elevate brand messaging and increase customer engagement for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.

Art Direction

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Our Branding Agency offers tailored brand strategy consulting services to help your organization reach its growth objectives. Leverage our expertise in developing effective brand messaging and strategies, and establish a credible and distinct presence in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health & wellness sectors.

Brand Strategy


Our portfolio features branding strategy, branding identity, art direction, and creative content that is valuable, unique, empowering, ambitious and credible. We know what it takes to stand out in the crowd and we can help you make a lasting impression. When you're ready to take your business to the next level, contact us and let us show you what we can do.


Art Direction

Mission: Create engaging and on-brand graphics for various media.

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Magazine Layout

Mission: Create engaging layouts with intentional visuals that make sense with the content.

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
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Brand Strategy

Mission: Create a recognizable brand identity across all mediums that emphasizes its commitment to premium, high-quality materials, and timeless fashion.

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
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Content Creation

Mission: Create a unified visual identity for the company across all platforms, including website and social media.

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn


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"I was so lucky to find someone like Amanda with her level of expertise, and diligence. Freelancers like her are SO hard to find. Her creative insights and attention to detail is so impressive. I plan to use her in the future. You will not be disappointed..her work ethic is insane."

Audrey Vassal , Glam Essentials

Our Clients Say

We Are Committed To Unlocking The Creative Potential Of Our  Clients And Helping Them Build A Strong Brand Presence In Their Industry.

Our services give our clients a competitive edge, allowing them to stand out in their market and out from their competitors. We strive to create valuable, unique, and impactful experiences that help our clients reach their goals.


You Will...

  • Establish a unique and distinguishable presence in your industry.

  • Create messaging that resonates with your target audience.

  • Gain a competitive advantage with a well-developed brand strategy.

  • Maximize growth potential by strengthening your branding.

  • Generate more leads and sales by optimizing your brand message.

  • Attract new customers by communicating the key benefits of your product or service.

Our Process Is Simple,
But The Results Are Invaluable. 

We focus on developing an identity that speaks to your target audience while creating content that tells your story in a unique and impactful way.



Through our brand messaging and strategy consulting, you'll gain clarity on how to communicate your vision in a way that uniquely speaks to your target audience. You'll also receive personalized guidance on creating a cohesive brand identity design including usage guidelines, concept assets, and brand attributes that will empower your brand to reach ambitious goals. Additionally, our team will work with you on developing customer personas, a marketing and promotion strategy, social media management, advertising, SEO optimization, employee communication and messaging as well as vision and mission statements. With the wide range of services we offer, you can be assured that your brand will stand out in the competitive fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health and wellness industries.



You can expect our art direction services to provide exceptional Creative Concepts and Direction for Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Health and Wellness Brands and Magazine Publications. Our process crafts Brand Identities and Visual Aesthetics while developing Brand Positioning and Messaging that aims to reflect your unique voice and vision. We develop a Brand Strategy through Creative Teams and Venue Production of Photo and Video Shoot, as well as create Sketches to Communicate Ideas. Our services also include Designing Graphics or Illustrations, Advertising and Marketing Design, Creating a Mood Board or Style Guide, Developing Brand Assets, and Catalog and Magazine Layout Services. Furthermore, our expertise in Creative Direction and Styling Services, as well as Storefront and Retail Displays, will be a valuable asset for your business. With our art direction services, you can be sure to have an empowering and ambitious experience that results in a unique product.


Our content creation services process offers you a comprehensive approach to content marketing that is tailored to your industry. Whether you're in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle or health and wellness industries, our team of experienced copywriters can help you craft content that engages your customers and enhances your brand's visibility online. From writing product descriptions for ecommerce sites, to crafting SEO titles and meta descriptions for content, to researching the latest trends and interviewing industry experts in beauty and lifestyle, we have content solutions for your every need. Our content creation services also include creating visual content such as style guides and lookbooks, developing content strategies for brands and influencers, writing copy for product packaging or marketing materials, providing social media management services, and producing content for email newsletters, videos and more. With our content creation process you can engage your customers with content that is valuable, empowering, ambitious and unique.  Let us help make content creation easy for your business!

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