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Randall Ware heads the Take A Stand - A Financial Literacy Organization and Webline Inc. initiative in collaboration with community leaders, key partners, and financial educators dedicated to empowerment through financial literacy.  The initiative embodies his passion and belief that through education and personal social responsibility we can keep Social Security strong for current and future beneficiaries.


Webline Inc.




Lifestyle and Health/Wellness

Type of Work

Logo Design
Business Card Design
Brochure Design
Flyer/Poster Design Signage
Banner Design
Website Design
Magazine Layout
Table Cover Design
Event Tent Design



Webline Inc. is looking for a partner to provide services in Event Collateral Design, Outdoor Advertising Design, Trade Show Displays/Exhibit Graphics, Graphic Design, and more. We are looking for a partner who can help us create compelling visuals to promote our message of financial literacy. We need someone who can create materials to inspire our audience and help us reach our social responsibility goals.



I Am ART Agency was able to provide Randal Ware with the creative services that Take A Stand - A Financial Literacy Organization needed to reach its social responsibility goals. I Am ART Agency created compelling visuals and professional marketing materials that helped Take A Stand target potential beneficiaries, partners, and educators. Not only did I Am ART Agency exceeds its service delivery, but it also helped Randal and his team gain confidence in the materials they were producing. Furthermore, I Am ART Agency was able to help Take A Stand tap into the millennial market space for customers and new team members through their creative designs and marketing tactics. The result was more engagement from a larger audience, helping Take A Stand effectively spread its message of financial literacy.

I Am ART Agency is the perfect fit for Randal Ware of  Take A Stand Financial Literacy organization, who wants to use outdoor advertising displays (e.g., tents, flags, and table covers) with custom infographics to maximize their campaign’s impact. Our process starts by understanding Randall's needs and creating beautiful custom designs that will catch the eye of potential customers. Our experienced design team worked with Randall and his Financial Risk Protection Specialists to create unique, high-impact visuals that will get people’s attention and stay with them long after their initial viewing.


Once Randall was satisfied with the infographic design, we move on to production. We have partnered with third-party printers that have been tested and approved to provide our clients with the best quality and price options. Our printers use high-resolution printing processes to ensure that our client’s visuals look as sharp, vibrant, and professional as possible.