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Art Direction sERVICES

BSM Magazine, founded by twin sisters La Trisha and La Tasha, 'Twins of Media', provides on-demand access to valuable and credible content related to entertainment, celebrity news, business tips and resources, and lifestyle trends. Conveniently available digitally or via streaming services, BSM Magazine offers a unique opportunity for users to stay informed and empowered. The magazine is perfect for anyone looking for more than just a headline.


BSM Magazine




Publishing and Lifestyle

Type of Work

Magazine Layout
Ad Design
Art Direction

Graphic Design


BSM Magazine was looking for a skilled Graphic Designer who was eager to be challenged and grow in their career. Their ideal candidate was to have extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, specifically InDesign and Illustrator, and excellent layout design and page composition skills. The Graphic Designer would be responsible for creating engaging layouts with intentional visuals that make sense with the content. The designer was expected to have experience in working within a deadline-driven environment and be willing to work collaboratively to achieve common goals.


The Graphic Designer would be expected to take direction and feedback quickly and problem-solve independently while being reliable and professional. Attention to detail was essential as the designer would be responsible for meeting tight deadlines and ensuring design, production, and proofing accuracy. 


I Am ART Agency was able to come to the rescue of BSM Magazine and help them meet their tight deadline for their Spring 2021 issue. Utilizing our extensive knowledge in graphic design, particularly Adobe Creative Suite, we delivered a high-quality Magazine Layout that encompassed the look, feel and flow that BSM Magazine was looking for. Our strategic art direction allowed us to inject creativity into the Magazine Layout, creating advertising campaigns to engage their readers.