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Branding, art direction, and graphic design for success.

I Am Art Agency
Quality visuals that make your business look official!

Mission Statement: "At I Am ART Agency, we ignite the power of creativity to transform brands. We aim to craft unique and compelling brand identities that resonate with audiences and drive business success. We are dedicated to delivering professional, innovative, and high-quality branding services, creating meaningful connections between businesses and their customers."

Vision Statement:

"Our vision is to be the leading agency in the world of branding, setting the benchmark for creativity, innovation, and effectiveness. We envision a future where every business we work with has a powerful brand identity that inspires its audience and propels its growth. We strive to cultivate a creative revolution, changing how brands communicate and connect."

Brand Summary:

I Am ART Agency is a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and customer-centricity. We believe in the transformative power of art and use it to give brands a distinct voice in a crowded marketplace. Our team comprises rising talented professionals who bring a fresh, artistic perspective to each project. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our client's needs and translate them into compelling brand stories.


With a commitment to excellence and a passion for creativity, we deliver results that exceed expectations and drive business growth. Our approach is grounded in collaboration, allowing us to build strong relationships with our clients and ensure their branding aligns perfectly with their business goals.


In every aspect of our work, from our mission to our day-to-day operations, we embody our tagline: "We don't just create brands; we create art." Our mission and vision statements reflect this dedication to artistic creativity and professional excellence, setting the stage for a future where I Am ART Agency continues to shape the world of branding.

The Person behind
I am art agency

Amanda Chapman


Generative headshot of AMANDA CHAPMAN, I Am ART Agency owner

Beyond her professional life, Amanda is a dedicated mother who values the time spent with her son and German Shepherd. Her personal journey reflects the perseverance and determination that drive her work ethic, inspiring her clients to embrace their unique visions and instill confidence in their business pursuits.

At I Am ART Agency, Amanda's visionary leadership extends beyond creating visually extraordinary designs; she facilitates comprehensive brand solutions that marry aesthetics and strategy. Her understanding of the intricate details of graphic design, branding, art direction, and visual identity underscores the importance of a meticulously executed visual strategy within the wider context of business growth. Under Amanda's guidance, our team works closely with you to craft a professional, reliable brand image, generating high-quality leads and expanding your enterprise.

If you're seeking a passionate, experienced graphic designer to elevate your brand, Amanda Chapman and I Am ART Agency are ready to bring your vision to life. Reach out to us today.

Generative headshot of AMANDA CHAPMAN, I Am ART Agency owner

Amanda Chapman, the creative force behind I Am ART Agency, has been revolutionizing the branding landscape since our establishment in 2012. Specializing in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health and wellness sectors, Amanda seamlessly merges her passion for art and culture with her professional acumen, creating visually stunning, effective communication strategies that catapult her clients' brands to new heights. Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications from Westwood College, her design proficiency translates into striking visuals that encapsulate the unique essence of each brand she collaborates with. This fusion not only creates aesthetically pleasing images but also fosters a deeper understanding of the products or services on offer, compelling potential customers to engage with the brand.

View our branding portfolio

Our portfolio exemplifies our commitment to creating beautiful visuals that capture both the essence of your brand and the feeling of your audience. From print ads to product packaging, our experienced team of designers, writers, and strategists can help you create the perfect look for your project. We invite you to explore our portfolio to see how we bring brands to life. Click through to get an up close and personal look at how we create impactful and memorable experiences that customers will love. Let us show you what I Am ART Agency can do for you. ​​​​​

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