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Glam Essentials is a luxury lifestyle brand that believes in the empowerment of women through high-quality beauty and fashion for women over 40. We specialize in bringing confidence to women who work hard and have the desire to play harder.


Glam Essentials





Type of Work

Art Direction Services
Graphic Design
Style Guide Creation
Media Kit Creation
Social Media Design
Website Visual Design
Print Ad Design
Content Creation
Publication Design
Publication Placement​



Audrey Vassal, Creator, and Founder of Glam Essentials goals were to find a creative director for her brand that can create engaging and on-brand graphics for various media. She wanted someone overseeing teams of designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, and writers to take concepts from draft to completion.
She wanted an Art Director who would maintain project budgets and ensure timely deliverables results to provide the eye candy and earworms needed to compel the market to interact with her brand and ultimately increase sales.



The first decision I made as Art Director for Glam Essentials was to create a style guide for the brand. This would ensure that all graphics created by our team were on-brand and cohesive. I then worked with the team to create engaging graphics for various media, from social media posts to website visuals to print advertisements. I also maintained project budgets and ensured timely deliverables, which resulted in Glam Essentials being published in local and international publications, including BSM Magazine, Mogul Chix Magazine, Selin Magazine, and online publication Skin Inc. This increased exposure for the brand and led to the opportunity to expand Glam Essentials into a lifestyle brand.

The Glam Essentials “Love My Body” campaign is about empowering women in their 40s to 50s to feel confident and beautiful in the skin that they are in. We chose a style of hair and makeup that is natural and timeless and directed the models into poses that showcase their natural beauty. 

This content sets out to empower women of all shapes and sizes, and our art direction is purposeful in its mission to promote self-love and acceptance. We wanted this campaign to be seen as a unique and empowering source of content by inspiring people to proudly love themselves. We are confident that this content will be unique in its message, empowering our clients' audience to embrace their natural beauty.

We chose natural, everyday women for the “Love My Body” beauty campaign to powerfully demonstrate that all body types can be beautiful. We believe that embracing one's natural beauty is a source of confidence and empowerment, and with this campaign, we are committed to helping women feel accepted and celebrated as they are. By selecting real women to be the faces of this inspiring campaign, we are proudly providing content creation that delivers a meaningful brand message and strategy through art direction.

Let ART Define Your Brand

“Let us help you create a vision that communicates your story and speaks to your customers in the most impactful way. Share your vision with us, and we'll bring it to life!”

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