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House OF ADNAMA makes exclusive and timeless apparel for grown accomplished leaders whose confidence transcends character and personality through unique fashion, creating a lifestyle where it’s OK2BU.


House of ADNAMA





Type of Work

Brand Strategy Services
Brand Identity Design
Logo Design
Website Design
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Brand Messaging
Social Media Post Design
Catalog and Lookbook
Storefront/Retail Display
Content Creation Service
Product Placement




House of ADNAMA seeks to create a recognizable brand identity across all mediums that emphasizes its commitment to premium, high-quality materials, and timeless fashion. They envision a distinct visual identity supported by the strategic use of colors, fonts, images, and other elements that create an innovative yet modern look.


The ultimate goal is for the House of ADNAMA to become the industry leader in quality, uniqueness, and design. They strive to be recognized by their customers for delivering a superior contemporary luxury fashion brand experience.



I Am ART Agency created a comprehensive branding package for House of ADNAMA that included defining the brand attributes to help them stand out from the competition, developing customer profiles to identify target audiences, mapping out customer journeys, providing marketing initiatives, creating creative/art direction for all visuals, producing high-end fashion editorials for their website and Instagram, creating a logo to represent the brand, designing business cards and stationery, creating a website design to capture their unique aesthetic, setting up social media accounts with daily posts/stories and content strategies, producing labels & hangtags for all products, and crafting shopping bag designs.


Our efforts did not go unnoticed as the House of ADNAMA was able to get featured in several publications around the world, including Sheen Magazine and Ellements Magazine. Moreover, due to our initiatives, the House of ADNAMA created a strong presence on social media, with its website receiving over 1000 visitors per month. All of these efforts combined resulted in increased sales and customer loyalty for the House of ADNAMA.


Our brand strategy services began with an in-depth analysis of the brand’s functional and emotional brand attributes. Our team then used these insights to develop a brand messaging and strategy consulting plan. We created customized materials that communicated these brand attributes in a compelling, understandable language. Our team also designed visuals to further enhance the brand messaging and strategy consulting, creating a lasting impact. We worked with House of ADNAMA to bring these materials to life in both print and digital designs, creating a visual identity that embodied the brand’s unique attributes. Throughout the process, we worked to ensure consistency across all mediums and platforms. The result was a cohesive, powerful brand that expressed the luxury fashion house’s brand attributes in an original and distinctive way.

The House of ADNAMA is dedicated to creating captivating and impactful visual stories that reflect the brand's unique and exclusive style. We strive to create a distinct and cohesive look throughout editorials, campaigns, and social media posts by following the brand guidelines for photography. For example, we consider color palettes, lighting, composition, and cropping to ensure that every image is true to the brand’s vision.

Ultimately, the House of ADNAMA's brand guidelines provides a valuable foundation for all photography that allows us to create beautiful and true visuals for the brand's overall identity. By following these guidelines, we can ensure that each photograph reflects the House of ADNAMA’s exclusive style.


The House of ADNAMA is dedicated to creating a distinct and exclusive visual identity across all platforms. Our brand guidelines defined the look, feel and tone of their company, ensuring that each asset is cohesive yet unique. By utilizing our established guidelines throughout all visual content, we were able to maintain a level of consistency and exclusivity within the House of ADNAMA brand. We believe brand guidelines and strategies are a vital part of how we communicate with our customers and showcase the value of our services.


With our approach to creating brand guidelines, we are able to craft visual assets that will be memorable and meaningful to our audience. The House of ADNAMA is committed to elevating its visual identity with a consistent, distinct and unique tone. We strive to create visuals that stand out from the rest and truly reflect the quality and value of our services. Our commitment to crating brand guidelines and strategies is integral to maintaining our clients unique and exclusive identity.