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We're looking for talented people with an epic personality who are constantly pursuing the next big thing.

Senior Designer

About the Job



  • 5+ years of experience in graphic design

  • Proven portfolio of successful projects

  • Expertise in digital marketing and branding strategies

  • Thorough knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

  • Experience with web technologies such as HTML/CSS and JavaScript is an advantage

  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and meet expectations

  • Able to take initiative, be proactive and work independently without supervision

  • Creative problem solver with excellent communication skills

  • A positive attitude, enthusiasm for design and willingness to learn new things.

The I Am ART Agency is seeking an experienced Senior Graphic Designer to join our floating agency. As a floating agency, we specialize in branding, web design, art direction and visual identity for our clients - working with them every step of the way to get it just right. The position is on an as-needed basis and provides great potential for creative growth.


We are looking for a creative and passionate designer who will bring their expertise to the table to help our clients create amazing visuals that will truly stand out in the market. You should have an eye for detail, excellent problem solving skills, and be able to work with a wide variety of media formats quickly and accurately.

By joining our floating agency as a Senior Graphic Designer, you will be part of a vibrant creative atmosphere where you can bring your ideas to the table and see them come to life. Come join us today and help create amazing visuals for our clients!

Social Media Analyst


About the Job

The I Am ART Agency is looking for a Social Media Analyst to join our floating agency. As a Social Media Analyst, you’ll have the opportunity to help maintain and promote the brand image of our clients across multiple social media platforms. The ideal candidate should be highly skilled in search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation as well as knowledgeable in the latest social media trends.

If you're up for the challenge, join us in creating innovative content and helping our clients reach their goals through social media!


  • Ability to collect, structure and store information from social media into databases with appropriate metadata

  • Write copy for social media platforms that meets organizational guidelines

  • Analyze data to determine customer perceptions and behavior

  • Generate reports on current state of the field and make strategic recommendations

  • Apply statistical techniques to extract business-relevant findings

  • Ability to work on an as needed basis with the I Am ART Agency team.

Brand Strategist

About the Job


I Am ART Agency is seeking a Brand Strategist to join our floating agency on an as needed basis. The ideal candidate will have experience helping companies identify their target markets, developing plans to positively interact with those markets and expanding the company's brand presence by expanding its potential customer base.


The Brand Strategist’s main responsibility is to ensure that the company’s marketing, advertising and creative efforts remain “on brand” in order to enhance positive consumer awareness. The Strategist will also be tasked with analyzing market research and demographics to identify areas of opportunity for the company as well as seek out potential new customer demographics.


  • Experience in brand management

  • Knowledge of market research and demographics

  • Ability to develop plans to enhance positive consumer awareness

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite or other related software

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or other related field is preferred.

  • Must be able to work remotely and on an as needed basis.

  • Demonstrated ability to remain organized and multi-task in a fast pace environment.

  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to make decisions quickly and accurately.

  • Ability to think strategically and collaboratively.

  • Detail oriented with excellent problem solving skills.

  • Self-motivated, proactive and able to work independently with minimal supervision.

  • Willingness to learn and take on new challenges.

  • Flexible schedule and availability for occasional travel.

Content Specialist


About the Job

As a Content Specialist for I Am ART Agency, you have an exciting opportunity to be part of our floating agency. Our team specializes in branding and marketing, helping clients reach their target audience and build on their brand identity. We are looking for someone who is passionate about creating content that will inspire, engage, and inform our clients’ target audience. As a Content Specialist, you will be responsible for producing high-quality copy and content across multiple channels, including web, print, and digital media. You need to have excellent communication skills and be able to work independently as well as collaboratively with other team members. Your ability to think strategically and creatively while staying up-to-date on industry trends will be essential for success in this position. The Content Specialist role is flexible and on an as-needed basis, so you must be able to manage your own time and workload efficiently. In return, you will gain invaluable experience with a successful agency that values creativity and collaboration. If you are looking for a creative challenge that can help you grow in your content creation career, then this is the right opportunity for you! Apply now and join I Am ART Agency!


  • Outstanding writing and editing skills

  • Ability to write content across multiple channels, including web, print, and digital media

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with other team members

  • Ability to strategize and think creatively while staying up-to-date on industry trends

  • Flexible with an ability to manage your own time and workload efficiently

  • Passion for creating content that will inspire, engage, and inform clients’ target audience.

  • Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) principles

  • Experience in graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign is a plus

  • Ability to work on an as-needed basis.

  • Ability to take initiative and explain complex concepts in simple terms.

  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy.

  • Knowledge of the latest trends in digital marketing.

  • Ability to work with tight deadlines.

Web Designer


About the Job

At I Am ART Agency, we are always looking for talented web designers to join our floating agency. On an as needed basis, you will be able to contribute your creative and technical skills in creating, modifying and debugging software for web sites. You will collaborate with designers and content producers to produce elegant websites that capture the essence of the client's vision.

At I Am ART Agency, we believe that a quality website is an essential part of creating a successful brand. If you are interested in joining our team, we look forward to having you on board!


  • Test and document software for web sites

  • Write, modify, and debug software for web sites

  • Generate web pages, access databases and business logic servers

  • Implement security and data protection measures

  • Assess user needs and system functionality

  • Monitor site performance and communicate results to stakeholders

  • Solve coding problems quickly and efficiently

  • Utilize current best practices in web design

  • Develop new user-facing features

  • Work with developers to integrate applications with websites.

Animation Designer

About the Job



  • 5+ years’ experience in animation design and video editing

  • A portfolio demonstrating a strong understanding of color theory, typography and layout

  • Proven ability to develop, produce and manage multiple projects simultaneously

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to take direction from senior creative members and clients

  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator) and 3D software a plus!

The I Am ART Agency is looking for a talented and ambitious Animation Designer to join our team on an as-needed basis. If you’re passionate about animation design and ready to take your career to the next level, we want to hear from you!


As an Animation Designer with I Am ART Agency, you will be responsible for creating visually stunning animation designs that align with our clients' branding goals. You will contribute to projects from concept through completion, working closely with other members of the creative team.

We look forward to hearing how your experience and passion can help our clients succeed! Apply now to join the I Am ART Agency as an Animation Designer.

Creative Collectives


About the Job

I Am ART Agency is expanding and looking for talented creatives! We are a floating agency specializing in branding, art direction, and more. This position requires applicants to join our team on an as-needed basis — perfect for freelancers who want to build their portfolios and gain new skills.


We are actively seeking out photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, barbers, stylists, models, photo-retouchers and interns.


  • A portfolio demonstrating experience in the creative field

  • An understanding of modern digital tools and technologies

  • Outstanding communication skills and an ability to work both independently and as part of a

  • A passion for the art/creative industry

  • A strong work ethic and dedication to projects

  • Flexible availability

Think you have what it takes? Apply to join our A team.

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