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Visual Identity

CK Custom Tailor offers a truly exceptional bespoke menswear experience that caters to customers worldwide. Their luxurious jackets, shirts, and men's skincare products are crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, providing clients with high-quality clothing and skincare for both business and casual occasions.


CK Custom Tailor




Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle

Type of Work

Visual Identity Services
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Web Design
Content Writing
SEO Keywords
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Brand Summary
Brand Guidelines Book


CK Custom Tailor is looking for dynamic visual identity services that will capture the sophistication and exclusivity of our unique brand. We seek Website Design and Development, Copywriting Services for Branding and Web Content, Brand Guidelines Development, and Management.


We want this visual identity package to include a stunning logo, creative business cards, a web design that conveys the essence of our brand, and written content that reflects who we are and what we offer.



The visual identity package included a stunning logo, creative business cards, a web design that conveyed the essence of their brand, and written content that reflected who they were and what they offered. The Website Design & Development services included optimizing each page for the highest performance; Copywriting Services involved crafting compelling copy to capture their target audience's attention; Brand Guidelines Development provided a strong foundation for CK Custom Tailor's brand identity, and Management services ensured consistency of asset use.


In addition to these services, I Am ART Agency provided value-added advice for further expanding their business by introducing bespoke skincare products for men. This enabled CK Custom Tailor to tap into a wider market and appeal to new customers.


Overall, I Am ART Agency delivered an exceptional visual identity package tailored to CK Custom Tailor's needs and exceeded their expectations. We provided the services necessary to build trust and credibility with the client's ideal customers while also providing advice on how they could grow and expand their business.

The visual identity brand guide I Am ART Agency created for CK Custom Tailor is an invaluable tool that elevates and empowers the unique luxury menswear brand. This comprehensive guide outlines in detail the standards of excellence to which CK Custom Tailor must adhere, ensuring a consistent, sophisticated, and luxurious aesthetic across all business materials. The brand guide also provides guidance on communicating the company's values and mission, ensuring its message remains authentic and consistent. With a comprehensive visual identity brand guide, CK Custom Tailor can confidently create materials that will draw attention and create an impactful impression for its target audience. This powerful source of credibility helps strengthen customer trust in the luxury menswear brand and ultimately leads to greater customer loyalty and satisfaction. I Am ART Agency’s visual identity brand guide for CK Custom Tailor is a powerful tool that will help the company stand out from its competitors and continue to grow as an ambitious, successful business.

I Am ART Agency chose to use high fashion, tailored images for CK Custom Tailor's luxury bespoke menswear brand to convey the product's tailored quality. From a visual standpoint, these images highlight the fit, fabric, and other details that make each piece unique and special. Combining these images with the CK Custom Tailor logo helps to give the brand a distinct visual identity. Moreover, incorporating the logo into all images that represent CK Custom Tailor, helps to strengthen the visibility of the brand and its message.

Furthermore, when applied correctly, the CK Custom Tailor logo can also be used as an effective tool for marketing its products and enhancing its visual identity. By using the right combination of images and logo, I Am ART Agency is helping to create a cohesive and powerful look that will help CK Custom Tailor stand out from other menswear brands in the market. We believe this approach gives their audience an accurate representation of what they are trying to achieve with their luxury bespoke menswear brand.