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MBE Magazine, a Full Stride Media, LLC branch, is the most celebrated source for guidance in valuing and advancing minority- and women-owned businesses and diversity programs. MBE Magazine provides powerful resources that assist organizations with their diversity initiatives, leading them to unparalleled success. MBE Magazine releases four quarterly print issues and is equipped with content dedicated to overcoming business challenges, staying up-to-date on trends, and discovering top research. As a result, MBE Magazine equips ambitious and empowered minority- and women-owned businesses to build stronger foundations and radiate unique success.


MBE Magazine






Type of Work

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Magazine Layout
Print Design
Ad Design



The MBE Magazine team was looking for an experienced and creative graphic designer to design their quarterly print magazine. They needed someone with a strong understanding of visual storytelling, typography, color theory, and photography/illustrations. The ideal candidate also needs to be organized, multitask, and thrive under pressure, with at least five years of professional experience in print magazine design. With the right skills, mindset, and ambition, this role was an excellent opportunity to take ownership of their publication and help create something unique that readers would love.



I Am ART Agency was able to meet MBE Magazine's expectations and provide them with the services they were looking for. We developed a custom design strategy that focused on visual storytelling by utilizing elements such as color, typography, eye-catching photography, and illustrations to bring words to life for their readers. Our team worked closely with MBE's editorial team to procure the appropriate imagery for their print articles and format and design page layouts that adhered to designated deadlines. Additionally, our team was able to make changes based on the feedback of MBE's editorial team while keeping a positive attitude and having seamless communication throughout the process. This enabled us to produce an end product that exceeded MBE's expectations and contributed to their bottom line. All in all, I Am ART Agency provided MBE with a high-quality design that fully encapsulated the purpose of their magazine.