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ACA Door Hanger

Introducing our FRPS (Financial Risk Protection Specialist) Affordable Care Act Door Hanger – a practical and innovative way to spread awareness about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This door hanger is designed to catch the eye with its vibrant colors and concise yet informative content about the ACA. Ideal for health insurance agents, brokers, and health care facilities, it provides a clear and straightforward message on the crucial role of the ACA in providing financial risk protection. It's more than just a door hanger; it's an essential tool for educating and informing your community about the significance of healthcare protection. Get your FRPS Affordable Care Act Door Hanger today and be a catalyst for change in your community!


Option 1: $50 - Includes updates to your brand colors, contact information, logo placement, QR code, and two color choices.


Option 2: $40 - Includes updates to your brand colors, contact information, logo placement, QR code, and one color choice.


Option 3: $25 - Includes updated contact information and QR code only.


Verbiage Updates: $15


Image Updates: $15


Facilitated Printing and Shipping: $15


*Please Note: The costs mentioned here does not cover printing and shipping fees. I Am ART Agency will send a separate Zelle request with the total cost for printing and shipping if you opt into our facilitated printing and shipping service. The Zelle amount will be based on the quantity of your order, and GotPrint calculated shipping fees.


Door Hanger Specs

4.25" x 11" with a .125 Bleed


Printing Suggestions

We suggest that door hangers be printed on paper with a substantial weight and a glossy finish for the best visual impact.


Please be aware that the images displayed are for illustrative purposes only and may not accurately represent the final printed piece, particularly regarding the placement of the door knob hole. The purpose of these images is to provide you with a general concept of what the final product could resemble.



Please email your first and last name, contact information, link to where you'd like your QR code to point, professional headshot, logo/brand colors/image requests/verbiage requests (if applicable) to Amanda at with a subject line of "My Customized Door Hanger"


ACA Door Hanger

  • At I Am ART Agency, we strive to provide the highest quality products and services. However, please note that all sales are final on both digital and printed products. It is incumbent upon you, the customer, to ensure that all spelling, information, and other content are accurate before final approval. Once approved, I Am ART Agency will not be held responsible for any errors or discrepancies. We appreciate your understanding that we cannot accept returns or offer refunds after the client has approved their materials. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we thank you for your business and your careful attention to detail when reviewing and approving your products.

  • Please note that I Am ART Agency is not responsible for the printing of the selected services. The responsibility of printing lies with you, our esteemed client. However, we are more than happy to recommend reliable printing companies we have collaborated with in the past, such as GotPrint, VistaPrint, and Banner Buzz.

    We suggest that flyers be printed on paper with a substantial weight and a glossy finish for the best visual impact. If you prefer, we can also facilitate the printing and shipping for a nominal fee of $15. In this case, we would invoice you separately for the cost of printing, utilizing our trusted third-party printers. This is a part of our commitment to ensuring your convenience and satisfaction.

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