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Senior Designer

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Decatur, GA, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

We are looking for a creative and passionate designer who will bring their expertise to the table to help our clients create amazing visuals that will truly stand out in the market. You should have an eye for detail, excellent problem solving skills, and be able to work with a wide variety of media formats quickly and accurately.

​By joining our floating agency as a Senior Graphic Designer, you will be part of a vibrant creative atmosphere where you can bring your ideas to the table and see them come to life. Come join us today and help create amazing visuals for our clients!


  • Ability to collect, structure and store information from social media into databases with appropriate metadata

  • Write copy for social media platforms that meets organizational guidelines

  • Analyze data to determine customer perceptions and behavior

  • Generate reports on current state of the field and make strategic recommendations

  • Apply statistical techniques to extract business-relevant findings

  • Ability to work on an as needed basis with the I Am ART Agency team.

About the Company

The I Am ART Agency is seeking an experienced Senior Graphic Designer to join our floating agency. As a floating agency, we specialize in branding, web design, art direction and visual identity for our clients - working with them every step of the way to get it just right. The position is on an as-needed basis and provides great potential for creative growth.

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