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Amanda Chapman brings 16 years of design, project management and creative direction experience. Amanda possesses the rare capability of seeing all graphic design – regardless of medium – as an exercise of communication between a business and their customer. Her pursuit for clear and persuasive communication through design delivers memorable experiences between businesses and their customers.

Creative Director &

Senior Graphic Designer

Amanda Chapman

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Thomas Roseberry is a Freelance Motion Graphic Designer who produces 2-dimensional vector artwork and 3D content. Thomas also strives to significantly impact design by bringing it to life in ways only possible through motion.

Before joining forces with I AM ART Agency, Thomas developed his skill and craft at Purdue University Northwest where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphics Technology. After graduation, Tom worked as a printer and pursued a stronger focus in Motion Design by enrolling in courses at School of Motion.  Tom continuously acquires knowledge within his digital tool belt to improve his design arsenal

Animation Designer

Thomas Roseberry