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February 2023
Client spotlight

Meet Andrea Wise, the Benefits Coordinator Services expert at Wise Choice Insurance Brokers. She is the go-to person for Self-Employed, 1099-Independent Contractors, and Business Owners with employees looking to develop their IRS-compliant health plan. With over 15 years of experience in healthcare compliance and employee benefits administration, Andrea is dedicated to providing comprehensive customer service and specialized advice to all her clients.

    Andrea's Story

    At Wise Choice Insurance Brokers, Andrea ensures you are up-to-date on the constantly changing healthcare laws and regulations, including the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). She helps maximize benefits by offering Non-Government Health Plans, reducing high deductibles on group insurance plans, and offering financial wellness workshops for employees. Andrea also assists with a tax-free retirement income and helps to save money on FICA taxes. In addition, she is available to lend her expertise to your current benefits coordinator or human resource office employees.


    Andrea’s goal for Wise Choice Insurance Brokers is to become the go-to source of insurance brokers nationwide. She is passionately working towards expanding the company’s presence in the industry and growing its customer base. To do this, she is looking for solid leads to help Wise Choice Insurance Brokers succeed and reach its goals of providing quality services to more clients.


    In addition to connecting with other professionals in the health insurance industry, Andrea is looking for solid leads from businesses and individuals who need her expertise. She seeks referrals from employers and organizations interested in setting up IRS-compliant health plans, as well as those seeking assistance on their current benefits coordinator or human resource office employees.


    Andrea also invites those seeking help with their personal and business insurance needs or wanting to know more about the latest healthcare laws to reach out. She is always willing to answer any questions they may have.


    In the future, Andrea has big plans for Wise Choice Insurance Brokers. As she works towards expanding the company’s reach, she hopes to help more businesses and individuals access quality health insurance services at an affordable cost. She is passionate about ensuring everyone accesses the same high-quality healthcare advice and resources. With her expertise and dedication, Andrea aims to make Wise Choice Insurance Brokers a leading name in the insurance industry.


    This Spotlight feature was brought to you by I Am ART Agency. Let's help Andrea reach her goals by connecting her with other professionals in the health insurance industry, businesses seeking to set up IRS-compliant health plans, and individuals looking for personal and business insurance needs. Most importantly, please reach out if you can provide any strong leads that would help Wise Choice Insurance Brokers succeed!



    If you have any questions about Andrea or Wise Choice Insurance Brokers, don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact Andrea at or by phone at (404) 396-4321. Thank you for helping us shine a Spotlight on Andrea and Wise Choice Insurance Brokers!


    Editor's Note: This article was written in collaboration with Andrea Wise of Wise Choice Insurance Brokers. Special thanks to Andrea for sharing her story and expertise with us.


    If you would like to learn more about how Wise Choice Insurance Brokers can help your business or organization, please visit their website at or contact them via email at

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